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Anaerobic Incubator


Anaerobic Incubator

Anaerobic Incubator

Anaerobic incubators are used to grow and manipulate bacteria in an oxygen-free environment. It can cultivate the most difficult anaerobic organisms to grow, avoiding the danger of anaerobic organisms dying from exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere.

What is anaerobic incubator?

The anaerobic incubator is a special device that can be used to culture and operate bacteria in an oxygen-free environment. It can cultivate the most difficult to grow anaerobic organisms and avoid the previous danger of anaerobic organisms dying from exposure to oxygen while operating in the atmosphere.

What are the advantages of NOKI's anaerobic incubator?

1. Using scientific and advanced means to achieve a high-precision, constant temperature anaerobic environment, it is convenient for operators to operate in an anaerobic environment and cultivate anaerobic bacteria.

2. The temperature control adopts a microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, which can accurately and intuitively reflect the actual temperature in the box, plus an effective temperature limiting protection device, which is safe and reliable.

3. The box is equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamps, and the gas enters the box after filtering, which can effectively avoid bacterial contamination.

4. The gas circuit device can adjust the flow rate arbitrarily and can input various required gases arbitrarily.

5. The operating room is made of stainless steel plate, and its front window is made of a thick transparent impact-resistant special glass plate. Special gloves for operation are reliable, comfortable, flexible, and easy to use.

6. The operation room is equipped with a special inoculation rod sterilizer and is equipped with a test stand, a wax melting disinfection device and a deoxidizing catalyst.

What are the parameters of the anaerobic incubator?

Time for the sampling chamber to form an anaerobic state< 5 minutes (min)
Operating room formation anaerobic time<1 hour (hour)/ oxygen content ≤ 1%
Anaerobic environment maintenance timeOperating room in the case of stop adding trace gas mixture,> 12 hours
The temperature range of the cultivation roomRT+3℃ ~50℃
Room temperature fluctuations±0.5℃
Incubator temperature uniformity±1℃
Power / Power (W)220V, 50Hz/600W
Cultivation room size (cm)20x19x26
Operating room size (cm)76x63x62
Dimensions (cm)120x73x133
Mixed gas ratioN2: 85%, H2: 10%, CO2: 5%, N299.9% high-purity nitrogen

Note:The above data were measured at ambient temperature (QT) 25℃ without load in the working room.

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