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Thermostatic Shaker

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Thermostatic Shaker

Thermostatic Shaker

The incubator shaker is a multi-purpose biochemical instrument with four types: desktop, vertical, horizontal and stacking.

What is thermostatic shaker?

The thermostatic shaker is a multi-purpose biochemical instrument with four types: desktop, vertical, horizontal, and stacking. It is widely used in bacteria, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reactions, and cell tissue research that has high requirements on temperature and vibration frequency.

Thermostatic shakers are widely used in medical, biological, molecular, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, and other research fields.

thermostatic shaker

What are the advantages of NOKI's thermostatic shaker?

1. The downloaded data is automatically listed as a map, saved, and printed. Play back the experimental procedure. It is convenient to optimize the reaction conditions, screen the experimental methods, and confirm the experimental process.

2. Ultra-low speed start, after the speed is out of control, it will be automatically locked, and the start speed can be adjusted. A unique dynamic balance design ensures smooth running.

3. Multi-stage speed, temperature, and time control system. A variety of different speeds, temperatures, and time experimental modes can be set at one time, and the operation mode can be automatically switched during operation.

4, LCD liquid crystal display: temperature, time, speed, the same interface display.

5. High-precision speed control: PID feedback control to avoid losses caused by motor overheating and shutdown caused by the long-term low-speed operation.

6. Equipped with a high-quality servo motor, the control speed is accurate, the high and low-speed performance is good, and the stability is strong. It can be customized according to customer requirements, the minimum speed is 10rpm/min.

thermostatic shaker2

What are the parameters of the thermostatic shaker?

Drive modeOne-dimensional drivetrack drive
Swing amplitude of rocking plate (mm)2600-500~50
Control methodP-D microcomputer processing chip
Convectionforced convection
Cyclo Frequency Accuracy (rpm)±1
Temperature control accuracy (°C )±0.1
Temperature uniformity (r)±0.5 (37T, effective working surface)
Temperature fluctuation (watt)W0.1 (372)
Power supplyAC220±10% 50HZ

Note:The above data were measured at ambient temperature (QT) 25℃ without load in the working room.

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