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CO2 Incubator


CO2 Incubator

CO2 Incubator

CO2 incubator is an advanced instrument for cell, tissue, and bacteria culture. There are two kinds of heating methods: water jacket type and air jacket type.

What is CO2 incubator?

A co2 incubator is a kind of advanced instrument for cell, organization, and germ incubation.

Co2 incubator is used in research of microorganisms, medicine, agriculture science, pharmacology, various organization and cell incubation, germ incubation, genetic engineering, immunology, etc.

CO2 incubator

What are the advantages of NOKI's CO2 incubator?

◎ Computer control: modular control in high precision, convenient for maintenance, and low in cost.

◎ Alarming device: having Co2 alarming and audible and visually alarming

◎ Filtration devices: double filtering device for Co2 gas.

◎ Water stuffing: ensuring highly efficient heat preservation, reliable temperature control, and saving energy.

◎ Door heating device: preventing moisture condensation and pollution on the door, making it favorable for observation.

◎ The water jacket of an incubator is made of stainless steel and welded by argon arc, it is wearing well, and the four corners of the internal bladder are semi-circular arcs shape which are easy to clean.

CO2 incubator2

What are the parameters of the CO2 incubator?

Control methodMicrocomputer module control, digital display temperature, carbon dioxide concentration (infrared)
Temperature rangeRT+5-60℃
Temperature accuracy37℃±0.3℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Carbon dioxide range0-20%
CO2 accuracy0.1%-0.3%
Carbon dioxide alarm (infrared)±1℃
CO2 recovery time≤Concentration value CalibratonX1.2min
Heating methodWater Jacket / Air Jacket
Power consumption≤500W≤700W
Humidification methodNatural evaporation
Inner size(W*D*H)(mm)400*400*500500*500*650
Outer dimension(W*D*H)(mm)580*570*850680*670*1000

Note:The above data were measured at ambient temperature (QT) 25℃ without load in the working room.

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