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Thermostatic Oil Bath

Lab Water Bath/Tank

Thermostatic Oil Bath

Thermostatic Oil Bath

The thermostatic oil bath range from room temperature to 300 ℃ optional, and the volume is optional from 7.8L to 100L.

What is a thermostatic oil bath?

The thermostatic oil bath range from room temperature to 300 ℃ optional, and the volume is optional from 7.8L to 100L.

According to different experiments, the user can place the sample in the bath for a constant temperature test, or lead the medium in the tank out to establish a second constant-temperature temperature field, which is used for the continual temperature test of supporting equipment.

Thermostatic oil bath has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for direct heating and cooling of precise constant temperature in biology, chemistry, physics, plants, chemical industry, and other sciences, and auxiliary heating and cooling.

thermostatic oil bath

What are the advantages of NOKI's thermostatic oil bath?

1. Microcomputer intelligent control system with high-temperature circulator, rapid heating, stable temperature, and easy operation.

2. Water and oil dual use: the highest temperature can reach 300 ℃.

3. The LED double windows to display the temperature measurement value and the temperature setting value separately, and the touch button operation is convenient.

4. The flow rate of the external circulation pump is large, up to 20L/min, 12L/min, and 8L/min.

5. It can be equipped with a cold water circulation device, which can be connected to a cold source to achieve rapid cooling inside the system, which is suitable for temperature control of exothermic reactions at high temperatures.

6. Suitable for chemical reactions, biomedicine, and other industries that require high temperature and temperature fields.

7. The vertical constant temperature oil tank is equipped with universal casters, which can be easily transported. It is suitable for jacketed reactors, chemical pilot-scale reactions, high-temperature distillation, and the semiconductor industry.

8. Vertical structure, the temperature control part can be disassembled separately, it can be used as a heating source in other constant temperature environments, and it is also easy to replace the temperature control accessories.

thermostatic oil bath2

What are the parameters of the thermostatic oil bath?

Temperature fluctuation±0.1℃
ControllerTemperature setting methodTouch key setting
Temperature displayLED dual windows display temperature measurement value and temperature setting value respectively
Program modeOptional: magnetic stirring device, cold water circulation device
SpecificationLiner size (mm)250*200*200400*280*180400*300*250400*350*350
Dimensions (mm)330*240*390450*330*430560*390*600490*430*560
Gross weight (kg)11223140
Groove depth (mm)200200250250
Volume (L)10L20L30L50L
Pump flow (L/min)6L/min12 L/min20 L/min20 L/min

Note:The above data were measured at ambient temperature (QT) 25℃ without load in the working room.

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