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Water Jacket Incubator


Water Jacket Incubator

Water Jacket Incubator

The water jacket type constant temperature incubator adopts the waterproof heating method, the temperature is uniform, and the constant temperature can be maintained for a long time after the power is cut off.

What is water jacket incubator?

The water jacket constant temperature incubator is suitable for scientific research or production departments such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, and agricultural science, and is used for constant temperature experiments such as cell culture and fermentation.

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What are the advantages of NOKI's water jacketed incubator?

1. Large-screen LCD display, multiple sets of data displayed on one screen, menu-type operation interface, simple and easy to understand and easy to operate.

2. The self-designed pressure balance air inlet avoids the phenomenon of back pumping caused by adding water too quickly

3. Double-layer door structure, good thermal insulation performance, does not affect the temperature in the box when observing the situation in the box.

4. Waterproof heating method, the temperature is uniform, and can maintain a constant temperature for a long time after the power is cut off.

5. The mirror stainless steel inner tank is adopted, the four-corner semi-arc design is easy to clean, and the distance between the shelves in the box is adjustable.

6. The box shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed

7. PID control mode, when the temperature in the box exceeds the set value or the water level of the water jacket is too high or too low, an audible and visual alarm will be automatically issued. Low water level stops heating

8. Independent temperature limit alarm system, if the temperature exceeds the limit, it will be automatically interrupted to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents. (optional)

9. With an RS485 interface or USB interface, it can be connected to a computer or printer, and can record the changes in temperature parameters. (optional)

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What are the parameters of the water jacket incubator?

Heating methodWater jacket
Temperature rangeRT+5℃-65℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃
Inner size(W*D*H)(mm)350*350*400400*400*500500*500*650600*600*750
Outer dimension(W*D*H)(mm)510*480*740560*520*830660*620*990760*710*1090

Note:The above data were measured at ambient temperature (QT) 25℃ without load in the working room.

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