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Lab Far Infrared Drying Oven

Drying Oven

Lab Far Infrared Drying Oven

Lab Far Infrared Drying Oven

NOKI far-infrared drying oven adopts the new technology of far-infrared heating promoted by the National Science and Technology Commission, which can effectively and quickly dry, shorten the production cycle, save energy and improve product quality.

Product introduction of lab far-infrared drying oven

The lab far-infrared drying oven is made of angle steel, Pu steel plate, and stainless steel plate. Aluminum silicate fiber is filled between the shell and the studio for heat preservation. The far-infrared radiation heater is installed at the bottom or on both sides of the studio. This type of drying box equipped with a blast system can effectively improve the temperature uniformity in the working room.

The working principle of the lab far-infrared drying oven

The lab far-infrared heating pipes are located in the air ducts on both sides of the far-infrared drying box. According to the requirements of materials and the difference in temperature, it can be divided into top heating, bottom heating, and left and right heating at the same time. The heating power can be controlled by switch groups! The motor makes the internal temperature of the oven uniform through the forced air supply of the air duct.

Product Features of lab far-infrared drying oven

1. Adopt an intelligent temperature controller to control temperature, PID parameter self-tuning, solid-state relay to adjust power, non-contact continuous adjustment, and automatically complete the whole drying process.

2. Adopt temperature control, easy operation, and safe and reliable performance.

3. Optional thermal element probe to form automatic constant temperature control.

4. The constant temperature time can be adjusted from 0-99.99H according to the requirements of the test sample.

Technical parameters of lab far-infrared drying oven

Temperature rangeRT+5℃-300℃
Temperature fluctuation±1℃
Lnner size(W*D*H)(mm)250*250*250350*350*350350*450*450450*550*550500*600*750
Outer dimension(W*D*H)(mm)380*410*575620*605*520620*680*620720*780*750770*840*980
RemarkA: Stainless steel inner tank; S: Intelligent digital temperature controller

Note:The above data were measured at ambient temperature (QT) 25℃ without load in the working room.

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